From the mailing lists:

I have developed a little application for which I've produced a lean version of GlazedLists 1.0, leaving only SWT support (predominant in PocketPC) and with some little tweaks to compile under JDK 1.4 and a CDC Personal Profile 1.1.

I've not tested in depth, but as far as I've used the result, it works. At least under the last IBM J9 VM.

This experience has showed me that Pocket PC is an environment where Java is a far harder choice than .Net, and one reason (not the only nor the main one), is inferior library availability. GlazedLists has proved easy to port for me, and has made developing my sample application much easier thanks to it allowing me to create a grid data control in SWT (which lacks the org.eclipse.swt.custom package in its PPC version, though it could be possible to compile a custom SWT library including it).

It could help to fill the gap to have an official GlazedLists Pocket PC version.