Unlike run-of-the-mill HTTP, NetworkList uses chunked-encoding to keep an HTTP connection alive for the duration of the session. When you connect to a peer, a single HTTP connection is created and maintained. Each time a list event is created, an HTTP chunk is sent to all peers.

We would have liked to implement the NetworkList stuff on top of the servlet API, but unfortunately the goals of each are dramatically different. NetworkLists wants a long lived connection, wheras servlets are designed for a single, quick connection.

What you can do is use the Glazed Lists network stuff for other data transport. Here's the layers:

CTP, Chunked Transfer Protocol

This is an abstract pipe that sits on top of HTTP and allows you to push data in two ways with the methods



RBP, Resource Block Peer

This is an abstract layer on top of CTP that allows you to publish objects with a URL and observe them over a wire. For this, implement the Resource interface to publish a resource and the ResourceListener interface to observe a resource. This class uses our arbitrary-length ByteBuffer class which I call 'Bufferlo' since it's a BUFFER designed to make a LOW number of data copies.


Sits on top of RBP to publish list changes over the wire.