Easy Documentation

Glazed Lists Developer - screencast tutorials demonstrating Glazed Lists.

Tutorial - step-by-step introduction to Glazed Lists (old tutorial)

Javadoc API


Archived user mailing at Nabble

Glazed Lists at Stackoverflow

Desktop Matters 2007 Presentation Slides also available in Keynote, Powerpoint

JavaOne 2007 Presentation: Video (registration required), Tech Session page at, PDF Slides, Source Code

Advanced Documentation

EnvironmentSetup - how to build Glazed Lists from source

SystemProperties - we use Java System properties to select between multiple implementations of the same interface. This is only necessary while we're working on improving our internal architecture.

[[MemoryLeaks]] - avoiding memory leaks on Glazed Lists

MultiThreading - info on concurrent programming and locking with Glazed Lists

Performance - comparisons, tips, tuning, etc.

ListEventPublisher - Information about the purpose and behavior of ListEventPublisher

Integrating Glazed Lists with...

SWT - info for developers using Eclipse's native widget toolkit

PocketPC - info on running Glazed Lists on Pocket PC.

Hibernate - persisting an EventList using a very popular open source ORM tool

SwingX 1.0.x - using Glazed Lists with JXTable, etc. from good old SwingX 1.0.x

SwingX 1.6.x - using Glazed Lists with JXTable, etc.from the new SwingX 1.6.x on Java 1.6

Compatibility and Migration Guide

Upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9

Upgrade from 1.9 to 1.10

Upgrade from 1.10 to 1.11