Locking basics

The tutorial chapter on concurrency introduces the locking basics as well as ThreadSafeList and SwingThreadProxyEventList.

Keep in mind that you should also lock your root list during construction of list pipelines, when multiple threads are used concurrently.


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CompositeList and locking

A CompositeList is composed of multiple source EventLists.

All contained EventLists must use the same ListEventPublisher and ReadWriteLock as the CompositeList, particularly if this list is to be used by multiple threads concurrently. To construct an EventList that shares the publisher and lock with the CompositeList, method CompositeList#createMemberList() can be used.

CollectionList and locking

CollectionList uses an instance of type CollectionList.Model to determine the list of children for each list element of the source list. If the model returns an EventList of children, it must use the same lock and ListEventPublisher as the CollectionList (and its source list).


If you are using multiple threads and you want to debug some things, you can use the DebugList as a drop-in replacement for BasicEventList. It must be configured to check for the kind of errors you're interested in. The two types of errors it can report are: