This page is mostly for the developers of Glazed Lists, but it could be useful to you too!

Mailing List - what's up with the Glazed Lists developers. Also available at Nabble

Team List - developers and contributors of Glazed Lists

Environment Setup - how to setup up your build and development environment for Glazed Lists

Coding Style

Release Checklist - how to release a new version of Glazed Lists

The road ahead...

Ideas - submit your ideas for future Glazed Lists development

Users Survey - results from the user survey about which directions we should head in

All issues or just the open ones

Whitepapers and Internals

TreeList and Barcode (PDF) - A quick introduction to TreeList and how it uses Barcode for index mapping.

ListEventPublisher fails with EventThreadProxy (PDF) - A diagram of a design flaw and a brief discussion of its remedy.

ListEventPublisher (PDF) - A two-page-whitepaper on managing notification dependencies with ListEventPublisher.

Sorting Performance (PDF) - A one-page-whitepaper on why Glazed Lists sorting is fast.

NetworkList - info on the internals of NetworkList