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SwingX 1.6.x


With SwingX 1.6 on Java 1.6 there's only one supported way to do sorting with Glazed Lists and JXTable using TableComparatorChooser:

Approach: TableComparatorChooser

JXTable table = ...
table.getTableHeader().setDefaultRenderer(new JTableHeader().getDefaultRenderer());

  • Uses sort indicator icons and gesture recognizers from Glazed Lists, which are better suited for the various look and feels
  • Leverage TableComparatorChooser features, such as multiple comparators per column and simple sorting state persistence
  • The code to restore the default header renderer is ugly
  • You have to ensure that the RowSorter is null

Introducing JXTableSupport

To hide the ugly details of setting up JXTable to work with GlazedLists the nightly build of GlazedLists offers the new helper class JXTableSupport, so you don't need to code the above but the following:

JXTable table = ... 
JXTableSupport<Issue> tableSupport = JXTableSupport.<Issue>install(
    table, // the JXTable
    myIssues,                               // the EventList for TableModel and SelectionModel
    new IssueTableFormat(), // the TableFormat
    sortedIssues, // the SortedList for TableComparatorChooser
    TableComparatorChooser.SINGLE_COLUMN // the SortingStrategy for TableComparatorChooser );
// dispose after use

This will create an EventTableModel, EventSelectionModel and TableComparatorChooser for you and configure the JXTable instance for use with GlazedLists.
For details, please see the Javadoc and/or source code.