Easy Documentation

Glazed Lists Developer - screencast tutorials demonstrating Glazed Lists.

Tutorial - step-by-step introduction to Glazed Lists (old tutorial)

Javadoc API


Mailing list - the best place to ask a question. Also available at Nabble

Desktop Matters 2007 Presentation Slides also available in Keynote, Powerpoint

JavaOne 2007 Presentation: Video (registration required), Tech Session page at, PDF Slides, Source Code

Advanced Documentation

EnvironmentSetup - how to build Glazed Lists from source

SystemProperties - we use Java System properties to select between multiple implementations of the same interface. This is only necessary while we're working on improving our internal architecture.

[[MemoryLeaks]] - avoiding memory leaks on Glazed Lists

MultiThreading - info on concurrent programming and locking with Glazed Lists

Performance - comparisons, tips, tuning, etc.

ListEventPublisher - Information about the purpose and behavior of ListEventPublisher

Integrating Glazed Lists with...

SWT - info for developers using Eclipse's native widget toolkit

PocketPC - info on running Glazed Lists on Pocket PC.

Hibernate - persisting an EventList using a very popular open source ORM tool

SwingX 1.0.x - using Glazed Lists with JXTable, etc. from good old SwingX 1.0.x

SwingX 1.6.x - using Glazed Lists with JXTable, etc.from the new SwingX 1.6.x on Java 1.6

Compatibility and Migration Guide

Upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9

Upgrade from 1.9 to 1.10 (not yet released)