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Release Checklist

Building and Posting the Binary and Source

  • Do a clean checkout from CVS, so IntelliJ project files don't go into the build.
  • Build the release: "ant -Dversion=1.7.0 release" for both Java 1.5 and Java 1.4
  • CVS Tag the release "cvs tag glazedlists-1_7_0"
  • Upload the release to Documents & Files archive: "ant -Dversion=1.7.0 upload-release" for both Java 1.5 and Java 1.4
  • PENDING Then update links in readme.html and put readme.html in the project root directory (ie. same folder as build.xml). Rebuild the dist zip using "ant clean dist", rename it again, and repost the source zips again. When reposting the source zips, you should upload them manually; do not use the upload-release ant task. This time the should contain a readme.html that links to itself.
  • Maven upload
  • set value of property 'next.release.version' in Ant build file to the next planned release version

Documenting the Release

Release Archives