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  • Adapt an EventList to be used like a HashSet. The motivation for this is in data modelling where a Set is more appropriate than a List.

Glazed Lists 2.0 Ideas

  • Make locking automatic. If users want to group operations in a lock, make that possible. But it shouldn't be necessary to do getReadWriteLock() etc. for trivial changes. This is one of the weakest problems with Glazed Lists since it makes the APIs less easy to learn. James thinks: ThreadSafeList is as close to "automatically locking" that we should come. I agree that grouping operations within a single "transaction of work" should be possible, and we'll probably make that happen with the generic "void changeList(ListChanges lc)" method we talked about in the past.
  • New package: com.publicobject.glazedlists without deprecated APIs, also clean up all existing APIs
  • TableComparatorChooser.install() instead of constructor, since it performs an action. James thinks: We should deprecate the public constructor for a while (at least 2 major releases, probably more in this case) and then move it back to be private, like the architecture of the rest of our support classes (e.g. AutoCompleteSupport)