"just as I was getting ready to gouge out my eyes in sheer frustration, glazedlists comes along and makes them worth having again"
- Hani Suleiman, go-epix.net

"a library that makes building apps focused on tabular data *very* easy to produce."
- David Coldrick, blogs.sun.com

 Dynamic Filtering allows you to find a needle in a needlestack, fast!    Live Sorting means your table stays sorted as your data changes.   
 Easy Tables because your TableModel is always up-to-date, automatically.    Concurrency Built-in so you can safely stream data to your user interface.   

Getting Started

Github Page - Home of Glazed Lists for developers

Propaganda - why you should use Glazed Lists in your Java project, including Apps and recent Buzz

Documentation - info on using Glazed Lists

Downloading & Building Glazed Lists

Latest Release - Download links for Glazed Lists 1.11.0 (Older: 1.10.0  1.9.1 ,1.9.0, 1.8.0)

Releases - includes links to downloads for each revision

Latest Build - latest SNAPSHOT builds on oss.sonatype.org

Maven - using Maven? Here's info!

LGPL License and MPL License - Glazed Lists is free software and business friendly.

Everything Else

Declawer - our tool for stripping the generics from Java source code

Development  - Glazed Lists development team info